10 72LGX072G Oregon 20" full chisel chainsaw chains 3/8 pitch .050 gauge 72 DL


$140.00 $298.00

Here is 10 brand new Oregon full chisel chains.Sale $144.94 for 10 chains delivered! Part number is 72LGX072 G or CK.Replaces Stihl 33RS3 72 and 33RS 72 Chain. These chains are the new LGX pro series with the blued cutters for improved strength-very fast cutting-and what all the loggers use in this area.These are not safety chains.These are full Chisel cutters made from OCS-01 steel provides greater durability especially in cold cutting conditions.The top of the tooth have the file marks stamped on them- no more guessing at the angle. Normal retail list is $28.92 each. We buy in volume and pass on the savings to you.These chains fit most of the big 20 inch Stihls, Dolmars and Husqvarna.These chains are 3/8 pitch .050 gauge and 72 drive links. If you have a 72, 80, or A1 stamped on your drive link and there is 72 drive links these will fit your saw. These also cross with Stihl 33RSC and 33RS 72 chain. Send me a question if you are unsure what your saw uses. We ship USPS priority.

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