3 Oregon 72JGX084G 25" full skip chainsaw saw chains 84 DL replaces 33RSF 84


$69.00 $90.90

Here is 3 brand new Oregon chisel skip chains 72JGX084G. Sale $69.00 for three chains. This chain replaces Stihl 33RSF 84 and is the same type of full skip chain. Skip chains clean out the sawdust better in softer woods and are better on bars over 24 inch and larger.These chains are the new LGX pro series with the blued cutters for improved strength-very fast cutting-and what all the loggers use in this area.These are not safety chains.They are full Chisel cutters made from OCS-01 steel provides greater durability especially in cold cutting conditions.The top of the tooth have the file marks stamped on them- no more guessing at the angle. Normal retail list is $33.76 each. We buy in volume and pass on the savings to you.These chains fit the most of the big 25 inch Stihls,24" Dolmars and Husqvarna. Bar code starts 240 which means 24 inch .050 gauge. The chains are 3/8 pitch .050 gauge and 84 drive links. If you have a 72 stamped on your drive link and there is 84 drive links these will fit your saw. Usually the pitch and gauge info is stamped on the side of the bar.

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