72APX115G 36" chainsaw 3/8 pitch 050 115 DL Full Skip Semi chisel chain



Here is 1 Oregon Chain for sale Part# 72APX115 Oregon round corner Semi Chisel(chipper style) Full skip chain. Full Skip chain is better on smaller CC chainsaws or with longer bars and for softer woods.This Oregon chain is .050 gauge 3/8 pitch and 115 drive links.This chain offers excellent performance in dusty and dirty conditions, such as cutting stumps out or bucking muddy logs or building demolition.This is not safety chain.This is Semi Chisel cutters made from OCS-01 steel provides greater durability especially in cold cutting conditions.

This chain replaces Stihl 33RMF 115

If you have a 72 ,A1 ( 46,47,51 or 80 in Husqvarna) stamped on your drive link and there is 115 drive links these will fit your saw. Typically fits 36 inch bar. Bars are measured by cutting length not total length.

This chain fits Bars that use 3/8 or (.375 pitch) .050 gauge or (1.3mm) and 115 drive links. Check bar for info stamped on it.

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