M21BPX025U DuraCut chainsaw chain .325 pitch .058 gauge 25 feet

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For sale M21BPX025U  one 25 foot reel of New Oregon DuraCut HD saw chain. This 25' roll of chain is .325 pitch .058 gauge (or 1.5mm) and is a heavy duty version of 21BPX025U with multiple layers of chrome. As close to carbide as Oregon makes.

New DuraCut Stays Sharp Longer than old MultiCut chain.

DuraCut Chainsaw Chain

Durable • Tough

Woodcutters face a wide range of challenging environments, including unstable fire-damaged trees to highly abrasive sandy environments, like desert ironwood.

Oregon's DuraCut is made for these notoriously tough environments. DuraCut has an advanced plating process with extra layers of chrome that allows you to cut up to three times longer than conventional saw chain.

Working a site with standard filing tools? No problem. You can use your usual files to sharpen the chain and get back to work. DuraCut is a durable solution for your toughest woodcutting jobs. 

Exceptional Durability
Increased durability for abrasive conditions: sandy areas, dirty wood, fire-damaged forests, and other challenging environments.
Cuts up to 3x Longer* 
An advanced plating process applies multiple chrome layers for exceptional durability and stay-sharp.
New DuraCut Stays Sharp Longer than old MultiCut chain

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