70502 one 12 pk 1 dozen 7/32" Oregon chainsaw chain files fits 3/8 pitch saw

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70502 one 12 pack 1 dozen 7/32" Oregon chainsaw chain files sharpen 3/8 pitch saw chains and .404 pitch.
Sale $21.99 12 pack files in a box 
Fits 3/8 pitch saw chain and 404 pitch.
Swiss made Oregon files.
The file fits full-size standard 3/8 pitch chain such as any chain with 72, 73 or 75 stamped on the drive link.

  • Premium files made with the finest steel using state-of-the-art production and finishing processes for best hand sharpening results on your saw chain.
  • A dozen 7/32" (5.5mm) diameter saw chain files
  • Consistent tooth height removes metal faster & more smoothly
  • Double-cut design resists clogging and has long stay sharp
  • Files fit both the standard file guide and Sure Sharp® bar-mounted filing guide

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