1 21LPX060G Blue Max 14" 52207 replacement Pro chainsaw chain .325 .058 60 DL

Blue Max

$20.00 $29.50

Here is one brand new 14 inch replacement professional chain for Blue Max model 8902. This chain replaces stock 14" on Blue max 8902 part# 52207 with Oregon Pro full chisel chain part# 21LPX060G. List $26.29. This chain is .325 pitch .058 gauge and 60 drive links and fits any 14" bar with these same specs. 20 series is the high performance choice for homeowners, arborists and commercial cutters.This is Oregons newest High performance top performing .325 chain. It has blued square corner chisel cutters for faster cutting, improved strength and corrosion resistance. X grind improves sharpness with substantial speed improvement and improvement in boring and under cutting. 

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