577180501 72V Replacement 20" chain for Poulan PP5020AV saw

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$24.99 $32.55

72V Replacement 20" chain for Poulan PP5020AV replaces part #577180501 

585889914, 72V070XN and 576817201

Oregon 72V070 20" chainsaw chain low-kick 72V-70 3/8 .050 70 DL D70 also known as Part # 576817201, 72V070XN, 72V070X supersedes to 72V070G. List $28.92 each. This chain is vanguard ANSI low-kickback chain. The shape of speed, performance and safety make 72V a chain for professional, commercial, or occasional users that desire added safety from patented bent-over depth gauges OSC-01 steel provides greater durability in cold cutting conditions. 

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