1- 75CL100U 100 foot roll Oregon Square ground chisel chainsaw saw chain 3/8 .063


$336.99 $599.25

75CL100U for Sale - $336.99 -FREE SHIPPING.List $569.25. Here is a brand new 100 foot reel of 75CL. 1640 drive links in a 100 foot roll.This is Full chisel square ground chain.Square ground cutter teeth are among the fastest cutting available. Connecting links and boxes included.This chain is the CL pro series with the blued cutters for improved strength-very fast cutting-and what all the loggers use in this area.This is not safety chain.They are full Chisel cutters made from Oregon OSC-01 steel which provides greater durability in cold cutting conditions. This chain fits most of the big Stihl ,Husqvarna, Dolmar and others with .063 gauge bars. The chain is 3/8 pitch.063 gauge. Sharpens with square file for best results. 
Example - This roll 1640 DL would make 22.78 20" loops with 72 drive links.

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