17301 Pferd 2-in-1 guide CS-X 3/16 + flat file saw chain sharpener kit

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EDP 17301 Pferd Professional saw chain Maintenance file Kit with 2 -3/16" file and depth gauge file 2-in-1 unit for .325 pitch (20, 21, or 22 on drive link) saw chain. ChainSharp Full-size filing guide has marks stamped on top to line up with bar- match line for right filing angle and the guide will keep your file at the proper height to eliminate undercutting the teeth and file depth gauges lower in one operation.

 Tool - Sharpens cutting tooth and adjusts depth gauge at the same time. 

- Simply flip Chain Sharp CS-X and follow arrow direction to go from left tooth to right tooth.

- Precise and accurate uniform sharpening result, even for inexperienced users.

- Handle end opens and files are simply replaced through the opening at the end. All three files can be changed quickly and easily.

- Manual sharpening saves costs, is economical and a filed edge is sharper than mechanical sharpening.

 Made in Germany

This works on .325 pitch chains such as 20BPX, 20LGX, 20LPX ,21BPX, 21LGX, 21LPX, 22BPX, 22LGX, 22LPX and similar chain.

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