18HX100R Oregon Harvester saw chain .404 pitch .080 gauge 100 feet


$495.00 $599.95

100'- 18HX100R Oregon Harvester saw chain .404 pitch .080 gauge 100-foot reel of 18HX micro chisel. Package of preset tie straps for chain assembly is included free.

  • Oregon 18HX is specifically designed for use on today's mechanical harvesting machines. 
  • 18HX is the upgraded version of 18H, built with heavier parts to better withstand the high stress of mechanical harvesting. 
  • The chain chassis has been thickened and burnished, which makes it tougher to break than 18H. 
  • Harvester Chain .404 pitch Micro Chisel. Rugged and dependable chains that deliver reliable cutting performance under the high demand of mechanized harvesting.
  • Micro Chisel Cutter for excellent performance, and cutting speed
  • Advanced Chrome-Plating: Maximum cutter stay-sharp: holds an edge in brutal conditions involving high-speed and cold weather
  • Oregon patented OCS-01 steel is designed to have long-lasting durability in the toughest conditions.
  • Thicker drive link: Wider and tougher for increased strength, increased reliability, longer life, and less binding
  • LubriLink: Helps to keep oil where it's needed, on the chain, directs oil to the critical rivet flange/hole interface.
  • 18HX presets with the “gold” tie straps MUST be used with 18HX harvester chain.

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