21LPX100U Oregon 100' roll Full Chisel chainsaw chain .325 .058 Bulk Reel 100


$369.99 $619.95

21LPX100U Oregon 100' roll  Full Chisel chainsaw chain .325 pitch .058 gauge Bulk Reel 100 feet on Sale for $369.99- free shipping.New 100 foot bulk reel of Oregon 21LPX chain.This chain is .325 pitch and .058 gauge.This chain comes with boxes and 30 pack of connecting links are included free.1848 drive links in this 100 ft. reel.This is high-performance chain for professional woodcutters that use .325 pitch saws. It has blued cutters for improved strength. Faster Cutting than before- New X grind on teeth for faster speed even when boring and undercutting. Square-corner round ground chisel cutters. Sharpens with a 3/16" file.

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