27AX091G Oregon Micro Chisel Full Skip saw chain .404 pitch 91 DL


$38.79 $88.50

Here is one brand new Oregon VersaCut Full Skip(skiptooth)Micro Chisel .404 pitch chain.This chain part# 27AX091 is 404 pitch .063 gauge and 91 drive links.This is Oregon's newest 404 chain.This chain is the new 27AX pro series with the blued cutters for improved strength-very fast cutting-and what all the loggers use for bucking and milling lumber in this area. This is not low-kick chain.This has Micro Chisel cutters made from OCS-01 steel provides greater durability especially in cold cutting conditions.
- count the number of drive links inside on your old chain loop to get the correct replacement chain. 27AX091G translates to 91 is number of drive links in any Oregon part number before the G , matched with 27 (start of part number) 27 or 68 stamped on drive link means 404 pitch .063 gauge like this chain.

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