27RX144G Oregon 404 Ripping hyper skip chainsaw chain 404 pitch 142 DL


$63.99 $89.99

Here is one brand new Oregon 27RX144 Hyper skip Ripping chain in 404 pitch .063 gauge.

27RX144G Hyper skip ripping chain is .404 pitch .063 gauge 144 drive links. always match drive link count of old chain.

 Oregon 27RX is a specialty ripping chain designed to be used exclusively on portable sawmill slabbing machines with electric motors and 4 cycle gas engines, such as the D&L, Lucas, and Peterson sawmills. It is built with a hyper skip chain sequence 9 inch between left and right cutters, which allows for greater chip clearance on super wide cuts. It is most commonly used to slab logs into lumber, cutting burls and stumps into table tops. This ripping chain gives you a smooth, consistent surface when cutting parallel to the grain of a log, and because it has few cutters, it is quicker to sharpen. This chain is recommended for milling purposes only, therefore not recommended for standard handheld use

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