27X128G Oregon VersaCut Chamfer Chisel chain 063 gauge 128 DL 404 pitch


$52.75 $78.00

27X128G 404 pitch .063 gauge 128 Drive links loop Full Comp tooth pattern

This Oregon chain replaces Stihl 46RM 128

Oregon 27X saw chain is perfect for users who want a heavy duty .404 pitch chain with great stay sharp features. 27X saw chain has a narrow radius Micro-Chisel cutter, which gives you very fast cutting speeds for a semi-chisel chain, but still holds an edge well. 27X chain is .404 pitch, .063 gauge (1.6mm).

Pitch .404" Gauge .063" (1.6mm) Sequence full compliment Cutter Type Micro-Chisel (Small Radius Semi-Chisel) 

Recommended Saw Sizes 4.0 cubic inches and LARGER (65 cc+)
ANSI Approved Low Kickback Chain No Sharpens with 7/32" file 

 Stihl part# cross  Chain help   Chain types

 - count the number of drive links inside on your old chain loop to get the correct replacement chain. 27AX128G translates to 128 is number of drive links in any Oregon loop part number before the G , matched with 27 (start of part number) 27 or 68 stamped on drive link which means 404 pitch .063 gauge like this chain.

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