396-726 Oregon® 3 replacement lawnmower Blade 18" length

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Three Pack of 396-726 Oregon® replacement lawnmower Blade for lawn mower deck

Compatible fit with OEM: Bobcat 54" blade set of 3

The Oregon® Gator® G6™ 396-726 lawn mower blade is enhanced with carbide. This heavy duty blade is designed for commercial applications and built to withstand rough conditions with top performance and longevity.


  • Fits 36" and 54" cut
  • Fused with carbide for added tough cutting exterior
  • Superior mulching and bagging with blade angle to increase air flow
  • Greater width and thickness extends blade life
  • Major brand replacement: SCAG
  • 18" length from corner to corner of blades cutting edge (measured diagonal)
  • 5/8" center hole
  • Width 3.00 inch
  • thickness 0.250"
  • offset 0" drop - from the center of the blade to bottom of cutter edge
  • 1" Lift
  • Bad paint from the factory blades are new, but paint did not adhere properly
  • lot of 3 blades replaces factory blades listed below
  • Replaces - BOBCAT 32022, BOBCAT 32022A, BOBCAT 32022HD, BOBCAT WM132022, BUNTON-GOODALL PL4206, DIXON 10715, DIXON 11633, DIXON 539100341, DIXON 539105712,DR 225381, ENCORE 363291, ENCORE 481707, ENCORE 482462, EXMARK 103-1578, EXMARK 103-1578-S, EXMARK 103-2508, EXMARK 103-2508-S, EXMARK 103-2518, EXMARK 103-2528, EXMARK 103-6337-S, EXMARK 103-6580, EXMARK 103-6580-S, EXMARK 103-6582, EXMARK 103-6582-B, EXMARK 103-6582-M, EXMARK 103-6582-S, EXMARK 103-6584, EXMARK 103-6584-B, EXMARK 103-6584-M, EXMARK 103-6584-S, EXMARK 116-5176-S, EXMARK 1-303146, EXMARK 1-303283, EXMARK 1-303495, EXMARK 1-303527, EXMARK 1-633482, EXMARK 1-633484, EXMARK 1-633485, EXMARK 303283, EXMARK 303527, EXMARK 633482, EXMARK 633484, EXMARK 633485, EXMARK E633482, EXMARK E633485, FERRIS 21227S, FERRIS 481711, FERRIS 5021227, FERRIS 5021227S, FERRIS 5021227X2, FERRIS 5101756S, FERRIS 5101756X2, FERRIS 5103304S, FERRIS 5103304X2, FERRIS A48185,GIANT VAC 21536,GIANT VAC 3021536, GREAT DANE D18037, GREAT DANE GDU10231, HUSQVARNA 100341, HUSQVARNA 101485, HUSQVARNA 539100341, HUSQVARNA 539101485, HUSQVARNA 539105712, JACOBSEN 363055, JACOBSEN 390665, JOHN DEERE AM104490, JOHN DEERE PT8721, JOHN DEERE TCU29188, JOHN DEERE TCU29869, JOHN DEERE TCU35393, JOHN DEERE TCU37208,KEES 100341,KEES 101485,KEES 363055,LASTEC 027048, LESCO 50125, LESCO 50140, SCAG 48108, SCAG 481707, SCAG 481711, SCAG 48185, SCAG 482462, SCAG 482878, SCAG 482961, SIMPLICITY 1756152AYP SIMPLICITY 1756152SYP, SIMPLICITY 5101756S, SIMPLICITY 5101756SYP, SIMPLICITY 5103304SYP, SIMPLICITY A48185, SNAPPER 17037, SNAPPER 1756152SYP, SNAPPER 5101756S, SNAPPER 5101756SYP, SNAPPER 5101756X2, SNAPPER 5103304S, SNAPPER 5103304SYP, SNAPPER 5103304X2, SNAPPER 7017037, SNAPPER 7075751, SNAPPER 7075751BMA, SNAPPER 7075751BZ, SNAPPER 7075751BZYP, SNAPPER 7076450, SNAPPER 7077344, SNAPPER 76450, SNAPPER 77344, WRIGHT STANDER 71440001

 How to measure and match the correct blade see photos.

Note- Lawnmower blades ships free to mainland 48 Contiguous States in USA physical address only no PO boxes unless less than 300 miles from Iowa. Sorry- No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii on this item.

Product Type Blades Prop 65 Description WARNING: This product can expose you to Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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