598-629 Oregon® (2) replacement set lawnmower Blade 21-3/16" length

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598-629 Oregon® replacement lawnmower Blades for 42", set of 2 blades for Bolens lawn mower deck

  • 21-3/16" length from corner to corner of blades cutting edge (measured diagonal)
  • 5/8" -6 point star center hole
  • Width 3.00 inch
  • thickness .164
  • offset 5/16" drop - from the center of the blade to bottom of cutter edge
  • 1" Lift
  • replaces factory blade with same measurements
  • This Oregon Replacement lawn mower blade is made to the exact OEM specification for optimum performance. Oregon blades are individually straightened and hardened to provide a consistent, cleaner cut and increase blade longevity.
  • Set of 2 for 42" cut Gator G5
  • Also compatible fit Replaces Replaces - BOLENS (ALSO SEE MTD) 742-0616, BOLENS (ALSO SEE MTD) 742-0616A, BOLENS (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-0616, BOLENS (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-0616A, BOLENS (ALSO SEE MTD) OEM-742-0616, CRAFTSMAN 942-04312, CRAFTSMAN 942-0616A, CUB CADET 490-110-C109, CUB CADET 490-110-C122, CUB CADET 490-110-M108, CUB CADET 490-110-M115, CUB CADET 742-04087, CUB CADET 742-04308, CUB CADET 742-04312, CUB CADET 742-04360, CUB CADET 742-04410, CUB CADET 7420616, CUB CADET 742-0616, CUB CADET 742-0616A, CUB CADET 742-0656, CUB CADET 942-04087, CUB CADET 942-04126-X, CUB CADET 942-04308, CUB CADET 942-04308-X, CUB CADET 942-04312, CUB CADET 942-04312-X, CUB CADET 942-04360, CUB CADET 942-04360-0684, CUB CADET 942-04410, CUB CADET 942-04410-0684, CUB CADET 942-0616, CUB CADET 942-0616A, CUB CADET 942-0616-X, CUB CADET 942-0656, CUB CADET GW-7420616, CUB CADET OCC-742-04312, CUB CADET OCC-742-0616, CUB CADET OEM-742-04308, CUB CADET OEM-742-0616, MTD 490-110-M108, MTD 490-110-M115, MTD 742-04087, MTD 742-04308, MTD 742-04312, MTD 742-04410, MTD 7420616, MTD 742-0616A, MTD 742-0656, MTD 742-4360, MTD 942-04087, MTD 942-04308, MTD 942-04308-X, MTD 942-04312, MTD 942-04312-X, MTD 942-04360-0684, MTD 942-04410, MTD 942-04410-0684, MTD 942-0616, MTD 942-0616A, MTD 942-0616-X, MTD 942-0656, MTD 942-4360, MTD GW-7420616, MTD OEM-742-04308, MTD OEM-742-0616,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 490-110-M108,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 490-110-M115,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 742-04087,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 742-04308,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 742-04312,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 742-04410,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 7420616,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 742-0616A,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 742-0656,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 742-4360,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-04087,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-04308,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-04308-X,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-04312,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-04312-X,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-04360-0684,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-04410,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-04410-0684,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-0616,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-0616A,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-0616-X,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-0656,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) 942-4360,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) GW-7420616,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) OEM-742-04308,TROY-BILT (ALSO SEE MTD) OEM-742-0616

 How to measure and match the correct blade see photos.

Note- Lawnmower blades ships free to mainland 48 Contiguous States in USA physical address only no PO boxes unless less than 300 miles from Iowa. Sorry- No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii on this item.

Product Type Blades Prop 65 Description WARNING: This product can expose you to Nickel, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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