72LGX070G 20" replacement Oregon chain superseded to 72EXL070G PowerCut


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72LGX070G 20" replacement Oregon chain superseded to 72EXL070G PowerCut
 Fits Echo CS-590 Timberwolf, CS-60, CS-60S, CS-600, CS-600P, CS-601, CS-602, CS-610, CS-610T, CS-620P, CS-650, CS-660, CS-670, CS-6700, CS-680, CS-701, CS-702, CS-706, CS-750, CS-8000 with 20 inch bar

Specs 3/8 pitch .050 gauge or (1.3mm) 70 drive links.
New EXL oil channels on drive links funnel oil to larger tie strap cavities for less chain stretch.

Features fast cutting Professional Full chisel blued cutter teeth that cut smoother and faster than old LGX chain.

Round ground full chisel cutter teeth. Blued cutter teeth with stamped 25-degree filing indicator markers stamped on the top.

Maintain the chain with standard 7/32" round file or 3/16" grinding wheel.

Note- this chain is standard 3/8 pitch and will not replace the 3/8 low profile chains with 91 stamped on the drive link!

If you have a 72, A1 ( 46,47,51 or 80 in Husqvarna) stamped on your drive link and there are 70 drive links these will fit your saw. Info is imprinted on the guide bar also.

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