91PJ033X Replacement Chainsaw Chain for 9.5" Chicago 68862 Pole pruner


$13.29 $19.99

Here is 1 brand new 8 inch Oregon chain(Note- Chicago Electric calls this size 9.5 inch, but Oregon calls it a 8 inch).Part# 91PX033 replaces and supercedes 91PJ033X.This chain is 3/8 low profile .050 gauge and 33 drive links. It fits the 8 inch Chicago model #68862 Pole saw and Echo craftsman poulan and sears pruner saws with bar part# 080SDEA041.(check your bar part number to be sure this chain fits)This replaces Chicago Electric old style 91PJ033X with a normal tooth pattern (PX)spacing instead of skip (PJ) spacing.This is oregons newest 91 series. It also replaces 91VG033G and is safer. This is Oregons Best low-kickback chain. It has ramp shaped depth gauges and bumper drive links and still maintains the performance advantages of professional 91 series saw chain. Ideal for homeowners, arborists and orchardists. Chamfer chisel cutters with twin cutting corners offer outstanding performance, durability and easy maintenance.   We also have 2 other chains that will fit- Professional style 91VXL033G and new 91PXL033G Low-kick If you have a 91 stamped on your drive link and there is 33 drive links these will fit your saw.


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