91PXL39CQ Echo 10" Replacement Oregon saw chain loop 39 DL .050 10 inch

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91PXL39CQ 10" Replacement Oregon saw chain loop
  • 10" Chain fits Echo Bar Part # 10A4CD3739 or Bar Part # 10G0ZD3739.
  •  39 drive links Chain Gauge: 0.050" Chain Pitch: 3/8"low profileFile Size: 5/32"
  • This is 1 brand new Oregon chain 91PXL ControlCut that is the same chain as Echo 91PXL39CQ.

    Fits any Bar stamped (3/8LP) 3/8 Low Profile .050 or (1.3mm) 39 DLIf you have a 91 stamped on your current drive link and there are 39 drive links this chain will fit your saw.

Sharpens at 30 degrees with 5/32" file.

ControlCut™ chain has cutter top-pates that are 33% longer than standard 91 cutters and give you an aggressive cutting edge. This chainsaw chain has a forgiving sharpening profile. The combination of the bumper drive link and depth gauge design offers reduced kickback and strong performance.


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