91VXL100U Oregon VersaCut 100' roll chainsaw chain 3/8 low profile .050


$329.95 $599.98

91VXL100U Oregon VersaCut 100' roll  chainsaw chain 3/8 low profile .050 Sale $329.95 100 foot reel of Oregon 91VXL saw chain. This is Professional chain in 3/8 low profile pitch and .050 gauge.This chain comes with boxes and assembly connecting links included. This is not low kick-back chain.It replaces Stihl PICCO chain such as 63PM series.1640 drive links in a 100 foot roll This chain has the new  X -grind that significantly improves out of box sharpness with substantial speed improvement. Semi chisel cutters are 33% longer than 91PX series and provide an aggressive cutting edge with a forgiving sharpening profile and good stay sharp. Call if you are unsure what your saw uses .

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