New Iowa Gold Hybrid Yellow Tomato Seeds 25-pack

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Frawley Farms proudly presents seed packs from the New Iowa Gold Hybrid Indeterminate Yellow Tomatoes, a unique crossbreed of the Amana orange tomato and the yellow sugar snack cherry. This Best-tasting exclusive strain has been meticulously developed to produce bumper crops and withstand harsh conditions, making it a reliable choice for gardeners and farmers. This 25-pack of New Iowa Gold Hybrid Yellow Tomato Seeds will grow into plants that boast exceptional drought and blight tolerance, along with resistance to cracking and brown spots. This makes it the perfect choice for those seeking a bountiful and top-quality harvest. Don't miss the opportunity to purchase 25 of these rare seeds!

The Iowa Gold Hybrid Tomato, a 2022 creation from Iowa, is a versatile addition to any kitchen. Its plump, round tomatoes, each up to the size of a baseball and weighing between 4 and 8 ounces, are perfect for slicing, dicing, or canning. The unique yellow color, low acidity, and sweet, juicy flavor make it a favorite among gardeners and chefs alike. Whether you're making a salad, a sandwich, or a pasta dish, these tomatoes are sure to add a burst of flavor and color.

If you're in search of delicious tomatoes, look no further! These hybrid tomatoes are a must-try. They may look like large cherry tomatoes at first glance, but they grow much bigger - 2-3 inches in diameter. Trust me, they are absolutely delicious and will leave you wanting more. Once you taste them, you won't be able to go back to regular old tomatoes. These little guys are perfect for adding some color and flavor to your salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. So go ahead, give them a try, and thank me later! And the best part? These tomatoes are perfect for raised beds and even rooftop gardens, making it easy for you to grow mouth-watering tomatoes right at home.

 These tomato plants take 65 to 72 days to produce fruit, and vines can grow up to nine feet.
 Growing tip- Do not plant Iowa Gold tomatoes within 50 feet of red tomatoes. The reds will cross-pollinate and make the yellow tomatoes taste bitter.

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