111178X Oregon chainsaw saw sprocket .325 pitch fits Olympyk OLEO-MAC 947, 952

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111178X Oregon chainsaw saw sprocket .325 pitch fits (Olympyk)(OLEO-MAC) 947, 952

.325 pitch 7 tooth crank shaft diameter is 0.4724

Part# for additional rim is 11892

Part# for bearing is 31153

OREGON rim sprocket system. This sprocket system consists of two components: Clutch cup with splined hub, and a free-floating rim. It is only the rim that makes contact with your saw chain as it is driven around your guide bar. Rim-type sprocket systems are favored by those who want the ultimate in performance and durability. Available for most chain saws applications. This sprocket system does not come with bearing.

Check bar or sprocket for info to confirm if you have .325 pitch like this sprocket

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