112135 Oregon chainsaw saw sprocket 3/8 pitch fits Dolmar PS-340, PS-341 Makita

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112135 Oregon chainsaw saw sprocket 3/8 pitch fits (Dolmar) PS-340, PS-341 Makita

This fits Dolmar PS-340, PS-341, Makita DCS-340,  DCS-341

3/8 pitch 6 (91) tooth crank shaft diameter is 0.3937

Part# for extra bearing is 21940

Check bar or sprocket for info to confirm if you have 3/8 pitch like this sprocket.

One-piece spur sprockets are durable, economical and simple to use. Unlike rim sprocket systems, the chain-driving teeth and the clutch cup are combined into a single unit on spur sprockets. OREGON spur sprockets are available for all types of chain saws.

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