Oregon 13624 power mate replacement floating sprocket drive rim .325 pitch 9 T

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13624 Oregon power mate Sprocket drive rim - 9 tooth .325 pitch. Large 7 spline.This is part# 13624. With 9 teeth, it will make the chain turn faster, but will require an extra drive link. Oregon rims have wear depth indicators to tell when to replace. It fits large 7 spline sprockets. Oregon makes a standard 7 spline and a small 7 spline. If a penny fits inside the rim- it is a small 7 spline. If a nickel fits inside - then it is a standard 7 spline. Make sure to buy the correct one. 

The 13624 rim sprocket is a standard 7 spline (Sd7) .325" pitch sprocket with 9 teeth. Oregon rims offer the ultimate cutting system performance by providing a smoother cutting experience and less chain wear when compared to spur sprockets. The rim's radial port design uses centrifugal force to throw off sawdust and debris. Wear-depth indicators show when it's time to replace the rim.

  • Pitch: .325", Size: Standard 7 Spline, Tooth Count: 9
  • Two-piece design includes a drum with a replaceable rim, allowing rim to be replaced multiple times before the entire unit is replaced
  • Extend operational life by maximizing chain and bar groove alignment
  • For best performance, replace every three rims

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