Oregon 20-118 supertwist Platinum Gatorline trimmer line .080 80 1lb 414 feet

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Oregon 20-118 supertwist Platinum Gatorline trimmer line  .080 thickness 80 gauge 1lb 414 feet

This is one pound brand new Oregon grass trimmer line. Part #20-118 .080 gauge 1lb roll with 414' supertwist platinum gatorline. The Oregon Platinum gatorline solves many of the problems that aggravate users of traditional trimmer line. An armored exterior-more resistant to breakage than standard line-shields a highly flexible co-polymer core, providing outstanding durability. Platinum Gatorline is also engineered to resist welding up to 498 degrees-much higher than standard line. Benefits: Compatible with most trimmer head systems. High resistance to abrasion, breakage and welding. Resistant to cracking and breaking. Less resistance, engine drag, vibration and noise compared with traditional, round nylon lines. Pictures are of the actual item.

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