Replacement 14" saw chain for Blue Max 7953 Electric 14-Inch 8-Amp Chain Saw

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$18.99 $29.00

 Replacement 14" saw chain for Blue Max 7953 Electric 14-Inch  8-Amp Chain Saw
Oregon chain replaces 14 inch OEM blue max chain
 Oregon's AdvanceCut 91PX saw chain is designed for homeowners and occasional chainsaw users who are looking for a low-vibration, low kickback chainsaw chain. The Chamfer Chisel cutters feature twin cutting corners for excellent performance
If you have a 91 stamped on your current drive link and there are 52 drive links this chain will fit your saw.

    Sharpens at 30 degrees with 5/32" file.

    . The cutters are durable and easy to maintain. The combination of the bumper drive link and depth gauge design offer reduced kickback and strong performance.

    Authorized Reseller Oregon Chainsaw chain and guide bars for sale Volume and sale price and Free shipping USA on all items. Economy chains are not the same always ask for loggerchain™ Call with any questions or to order (563)-544-4498