91PXL025U 25' reel 3/8 Low Profile .050 gauge ControlCut saw chain


$125.00 $191.79

  • 91PXL025U 25' reel 3/8 Low Profile .050 gauge ControlCut saw chain
  • Oregon 3/8LP chainsaw chain for sale in bulk reel 25-foot roll
  • On sale for $125.00- for a 25-foot reel of 91PXL.
  • In stock to buy it now with fast and free shipping.
  • 25' roll of Low kick-back ANSI approved chain
  • Dual depth gauges help reduces kickback.
  • 33% longer cutter tooth than 91 series chain.
  • 410 drive links in this 25-foot roll. Sharpens with a 5/32" round file.
  • We include 8 matched Connecting links to make the chain and 8 loop boxes free with this roll of chain.

 - "X" grind Enhanced grind geometry significantly improves out of box sharpness with substantial speed improvement in boring and bias undercut modes











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